I am Clinton Kabena, a creator of images and an exhibitor of stories that often go unheard. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, my work is inspired by the different realities that exist here, realities that are often ignored by those who have the luxury to do so. The footsteps and suffering is that which I am drawn to and unprocessed to reflect in my work. My approach to art is sometimes radical, as I do not possess it to convey my stories and events in a nuanced way. Instead, I seek to convey the truth of events in a way that is impossible to ignore.


My work is focused on the transformative nature of journeys, particularly African migration, and the resilience of the individuals who undertake them. Through my art, I explore the social networks that are created by these journeys and the profound impact they have on individuals, families, and communities. In my practice, I use vehicles as a central theme because they are the literal and figurative vehicles that transport these stories. They are the conduit that connects the driver, the passenger, and the route, symbolises the connections between mobility and the human desire for change.


Every work I create is a struggle, and each piece is an opportunity for me to convince myself of my own potentiality. My goal is to create art that shocks viewers, that makes it impossible for them to ignore the stories I am telling. I hope that my work will inspire others to take action, to replicate the powerful messages that are at the heart of my art.