The weaving work consists of a series of pieces, each representing a different aspect of the migrant experience. Some pieces are made of rough and scratchy materials, symbolizing the barriers and obstacles that stand in the way of a migrant's journey. Other pieces are made of soft and comfortable materials, representing the moments of respite and relief that one can find along the way.


The weaving ends with a remade American flag, which serves as a parody for freedom. While the flag is meant to symbolize the promise of a better life for all, it is also a reminder of the many ways in which that promise is broken for so many people. The flag is made of different types of fabric, each representing a different group of people who have been marginalized or oppressed in some way. Currently to be viewed at the African Centre Londen, as part of a group exhibition: Totalitarian Props 


“FREEDOMITY” 75×205 cm
Weaving, cotton and recycled material

exhibition: Totalitarian Props , African Centre, London 2023

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